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Research interests

  • Experimental Economics
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Risk and Uncertainty


Faculty Professor
Office: C 208
UFR Economie
Avenue Raymond Dugrand
34960 MONTPELLIER Cedex 2
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Participation in sports competition closes the gender gaps in competition and in risk taking

Willinger MarcDubois Dimitri, Bravaccini Sabrina
à paraître
Journal of Sports Economics
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Nudging for lockdown: behavioural insights from an online experiment

Blayac ThierryDubois DimitriDuchêne Sébastien, Nguyen-Van Phu, Ventelou Brunou, Willinger Marc
à paraître
Social Psychology
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Number sense, trading decisions and mispricing: An experiment

Roger Tristan, Roger Patrick, Willinger Marc
à paraître
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
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Does the approval mechanism induce the effcient extraction in Common Pool Resource games?

Yao Koffi Serge William, Lavaine EmmanuelleWillinger Marc
à paraître
Social Choice and Welfare
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The effect of price magnitude on analysts' forecasts: evidence from the lab

Roger Tristan, Bousselmi Wael, Roger Patrick, Willinger Marc
à Paraître
Revue Economique
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