Grants and funding

CEE-M receives significant support from the French National Research Agency (ANR), the main funder of public research and research partnerships in France.
It also benefits from the financial support of the AFBCIFORFEDERINRALabex Cemeb, the MUSE initiative and the french Region Occitanie.


Our projects

Beam - Behavioral and Experimental Analyses in Macro-finance
BEcOSMASH - Bio-Economic Optimisation of Sharka Management Accounting for Spatiotemporal Heterogeneities
CEE-M/CIFOR - Impact evaluation of a pilot REDD+ project in the Trans-Amazonian region in Brazil.
EcoGyp– Ecosystem services and necrophagous raptors
GREEN-Econ - Transition toward a greener economy:
GREENGO – New Tools for the Governance of the Energy Transition : the role of NGOs
Invacost - Invasive insects and their costs for biodiversity, economy and human health
Jussie – Optimal design for the spatial control of biological invasions
ORDINEQ - The Measurement of Ordinal and Multidimensional Inequalities
PENSEE - Payments for ENvironmental Services: an Evidence-based Evaluation
RediPref - The Preferences for Redistribution: Foundations, Representation and Implications for Social Decisions
Riskadapt - Local adaptation in an environment at risk
Agence française pour la biodiversité
agence nationale recherche
Interreg Poctefa