C4EAU Project

23 August 2018

The region Occitanie has decided to fund the C4EAU project to promote the use of smart water meters in agriculture.

This project, coordinated by Arnaud Reynaud (TSE-INRA) and led at CEE-M by Philippe Le Coënt, Raphaële Préget, Julie Subervie and Sophie Thoyer, will specifically focus on the use of nudges based on real time consumption data to improve water management. Another goal is to understand why some farmers may oppose the installation of such water meters and the arguments that might make them change their mind. It is estimated that these new technologies could provide a gain of 10 % water. A post-doctoral researcher will be recruited at CEE-M to work specifically on this project in 2019.


For further information : https://c4eau.wordpress.com/description/