Carbon credits and avoided deforestation

Interview of Gwenolé Le Vélly, research assistant at CEE-M, about his article, wrote avec Philiipe Delacote et Gabriela Simonet, « Revisiting the location bias and additionality of REDD+ project  »

Gwenolé Le Velly, CEE-M member, speaks about his article “Revisiting the location bias and additionality of REDD+ project”, wrote with Philippe Delacote and Gabriela Simonet and published in Ecological Economics. (in french)

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Simonet Gabriela, Subervie Julie, Ezzine de Blas Driss, Cromberg Marina, Duchelle Amy E., 2019, Effectiveness of a REDD+ project in reducing deforestation in the brazilian amazon, American Journal of Agricultural Economics
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A new type of aid to encourage small farms to go green?

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