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Les interviews des membres du CEE-M, pour mieux appréhender les enjeux liés aux thématique du CEE-M

A new type of aid to encourage small farms to go green?

An interview with Sophie Thoyer of the CEE-M, on the article published in Ecological Economics, and co-authored by two other members of the CEE-M, Pauline Lécole and Raphaële Préget, devoted to a survey conducted by the authors among farmers, on the establishment of a new type of aid in France for small farmers.


Paving the way to coastal adaptation pathways to sea level rise

Hélène Rey-Valette, member of the CEE-M, Assistant Professor at the University of Montpellier, talks about the article “Paving the way to coastal adaptation pathways: An interdisciplinary approach based on territorial archetypes” published in Environmental Science and Policy, co-authored with two other CEE-M members, Cécile Bazart, and Nicole Lautrédou-Audouy and eight other scientists: Nicolas Rocle, François […]


Carbon credits and avoided deforestation

Interview of Gwenolé Le Vélly, research assistant at CEE-M, about his article, wrote avec Philiipe Delacote et Gabriela Simonet, « Revisiting the location bias and additionality of REDD+ project  »


Interdisciplinary Research and Economics: interview with economist

Jean Michel Salles, an economist and agricultural engineer, talks about his experience in interdisciplinary research.


Evaluating social well-being: an interview with Brice Magdalou

Brice Magdalou, professor at University of Montpellier, speaks about his article “A model of social welfare improving transfers “.