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Les articles Focus du CEE-M pour découvrir et comprendre les recherche du CEE-M

What flat-rate aid for small French farms?

Focus article by Pauline Lécole, Raphaële Préget and Sophie Thoyer on their article "Designing an effective small farmers scheme in France", published iin Ecological Economics.


Opening the way to trajectories of adaptation of coastal territories to sea level rise

Article Focus d'Hélène Rey-Valette about the article "Paving the way to coastal adaptation pathways: An interdisciplinary approach based on territorial archetypes", published in Environmental Science and Policy.


Carbon credits and avoided deforestation: real impact or risk of greenwashing?

Article Focus by Gwenolé Le Velly, (CEE-M) , Philippe Delacote and Gabriela Simonet about their article "Revisiting the location bias and additionality of REDD+ project".


High and rising economic costs of biological invasions worldwide

Article Focus de Jean Michel Salles sur l'article “High and rising economic costs of biological invasions worldwide”.


Evaluating social well-being:

Brice Magdalou' s Article Focus on his article published in Journal of Economic Theory “A model of social welfare improving transfers”.