CONFINOBS Project selected for funding by ANR and Région Occitanie

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16 June 2020

The “Agence Nationale de la Recherche” (ANR) and the “Région Occitanie” have partnered to fund projects dedicated to research works on COVID-19. Project CONFINOBS “Observance et observation des mesures barrières et du confinement: une approche d’économie comportementale” has been selected for funding. This project involves several CEE-M members and is coordinated by Marc Willinger, CEE-M member, professor at UM (University of Montpellier).

Project description: “The CONFINOBS project aims at identifying the determinants of the willingness to adopt and comply with protective or lockdown measures related to the spread of Covid-19 virus. The basic premise is that this willingness is determined by individuals’ characteristics: risk-preferences, impatience, self-control and social preferences (altruism, trust and cooperativeness). The main objective is to identify the effect of such behavioral features on compliance with lockdown measures and the adoption of protective measures. This is important to design more effective non-coercive instruments, such as monetary and non-monetary incentives (nudges), to better tailor communication schemes during and following the crisis, and to increase the impact of such schemes on behaviors.”