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CEE-M Seminar

CEE-M Seminar

SolACE – Solar geoengineeringin an analytic climate economy


Christian Trager
Professor of Economics at the University of Oslo



The paper analyzes solar geoengineering and strategic interactions in an integrated assessment model (IAM) of climate change. For this purpose, we (i) derive a new class of solutions to analytic IAMs that allows us to (ii) solve an integrated assessment model with sulfur-based geoengineering and damages in closed form, and to (iii) model strategic interactions be-tween two active regions, and a passive rest of the world. We examine the determinants of a region’s engagement in geoengineering and analyze the Markov game and its equilibria. Sulfur deployment is highly sensitive to potential geoengineering damages. For a global social planner, solar geo-engineering could cut the social cost of carbon (SCC) into half if damages turn out negligible. However, current damage guesstimates would reduce the globally optimal SCC by only 12-22%. In the non-cooperative regional model, the availability of geoengineering can both increase or decrease theSCC, in both the active regions and the rest of the world.

Co-author : Felix Meier

Download paper draft >>>

Practical information


Amphi 003, Faculté d'Economie
Espace Richter - avenue Raymond Dugrand - CS 79606, 34960 Montpellier Cedex 2

Dates & time

Oct 28, 2021


Marion Davin
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