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Research interests

  • Experimental Economics
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Environmental Economics

DUBOIS Dimitri

Staff Research Engineer
Deputy Director CEE-M


  • 2006
Office: C 201 A
UFR Economie
Avenue Raymond Dugrand
34960 MONTPELLIER Cedex 2
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The smell of cooperativeness: Do human body odours advertise cooperative behaviours?

Tognetti Arnaud, Durand Valerie, Dubois Dimitri, Barkat‐Defradas Melissa, Hopfensitz Astrid, Ferdenzi Camille
à paraître
British Journal of Psychology
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The effect of physical disability on group cooperation: Experimental evidence

Tognetti Arnaud, Doat David, Dubois Dimitri, Romaniuc Rustam
à paraître
Bulletin of Economic Research
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Understanding Dfferences in Peer Reporting Practices: Evidence from Tax Evasion Games in Moldova and France

Romaniuc Rustam, Dubois Dimitri, Dimant Eugen, Lupusor Adrian, Prohnitchi Valeriu
à paraître
Public Choice
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Relational quality and uncertainty in common pool water management: an exploratory lab experiment

Brugnach Marcela, de Waard Sander, Dubois DimitriFarolfi Stefano
Scientific Reports
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Population preferences for inclusive COVID-19 policy responses

Blayac ThierryDubois DimitriDuchêne Sébastien, Nguyen-Van Phu, Ventelou Bruno, Willinger Marc
The Lancet Public-Health
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