Great Green Wall : a new article of CEE-M member published by The Conversation

7 June 2023

A new article co-authored by Antoine Leblois (CEE-M) and Pauline Castaing (World Bank) has just been published in The Conversation website: The Great Green Wall, a bulwark against food insecurity? (in french : “Grâce à la Grande muraille verte, une meilleure qualité de vie dans le Sahel ?” )

While large-scale impact assessments are still limited by the lack of access to data, the authors found that Great Green Wall project tend to have beneficiated to local populations. By comparing the height-for-age of childrens living nearby (less than 15km) shelterbets and orchards implemented the North of Nigeria to other comparable children, they found that these childrens, were benefiting from such environmental restauration projects since they show better health.

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