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Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation: Theoretical and Empirical Issues’

The Annual Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation Workshop is an international two-day event organized by the CEE-M in the fall of the year.

The Workshop aims to foster interactions between researchers working on environmental and natural resource economics and gathers around 10 invited speakers using theoretical and empirical approaches.

Day 1

  • “Applying Behavioral Environmental Economics to Improve Environmental Programs: Knowns and Unknowns”, by Paul Farraro (Johns Hopkins)
  • “Why Does Resource Overuse and Resource Recovery Exist?” by Marie-Catherine Riekhof (Freiburg)
  • “Major Reforms in Electricity Pricing: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment” by Jordi Teixido (UB)
  • “Winners and Losers: The Distributional Effects of the French Feebate on the Automobile Market” by Isis Durrmeyer (TSE)
  • “Aligning Nordhaus with the Paris Agreement: Feasible, Fair and Politically Acceptable Paths to (Well) Below 2°C Global Warming” by Ben Groom (LSE)
  • “Environmental Inequalities in Air Pollution Exposure” by Klara Zwickl (WU Vienna)

Day 2

  • “Crowding In with Impure Altruism: Theory and Evidence from Volunteerism in U.S. National Parks”, by Matthew Kotchen (Yale)
  • “Governing Climate Engineering: Insights from a Public Good or Bad Experiment” by Anna Abatayo (Bocconi)
  • Coordinating Investments in Habitat Protection and Economic Development” by David Shanafelt (BETA)
  • “Myopia and Learning Applied to Water Management” by Mabel Tidball (CEE-M)
  • “Do People Adapt their Pro-Environmental Behavior According to their Environment? An Experimental Investigation” by Sébastien Roussel (CEE-M)

Room 006-“Panathénées
Site Saint Charles
Rue du Professeur Henri Serre
34990 MONTPELLIER cedex 2

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