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Latest news on the contributions of CEE-M’s members in the media or published in a format designed for a wide audience, in particular in the CEE-M Focus collection

The « CEE-M Focus » collection is designed to present to the general public CEE-M’s research results published in scientific journals. The contents of the Focus collection are presented in the form of a short article together with a video. They provide a quick overview of the issues at stake in the research carried out by the CEE-M. Since july 2023, articles published in CEE-M Focus are submitted to media The Conversation.

Articles of CEE-M members published in the media The Conversation. Some articles are also published in the « CEE-M FOCUS » collection, and are accompanied by a video interview with one of the authors.

The contributions of CEE-M members in the press and mainstream media.

Videos from the CEE-M Focus collection and other news on CEE-M activities.

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CEE-M's scientific mediation actions.

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Press and media
2 April 2024

Agricultural crisis : Interview of Sophie Thoyer on two French media

Directrice de recherche au CEE-M en économie agricole, spécialiste de la PAC, Sophie Thoyer is Research Director in Agricultural Economics at the CEE-M and a specialist in the CAP. She was […]

Press and media
8 December 2023

“COP28 : le mirage des crédits carbone forestiers” contribution du CEE-M dans Le Point

COP28: the mirage of forest carbon credits “”Tropical forest countries are pleading for the payment of financial rents based on the mere fact of having forests on their territory”. Sébastien […]

Press and media
4 December 2023

Le Monde published an article co-authored by CEE-M members

On Sunday 3 December 2023, Le Monde published an article co-authored by Dimitri Dubois (Research Engineer at the CNRS and member of the CEE-M) and Rustam Romaniuc (Professor at Montpellier […]

Press and media
1 December 2023

“Migrating when the islands die” a CEE-M’s contribution published in Dialogues Économiques

“Migrating when the islands die” published in Dialogues Économiques reviews the article co-authored by Fabien Prieur (CEE-M), Lesly Cassin (AMSE) and Paolo Melindi-Ghidi (AMSE), published in the journal Resource and Energy […]

Podcasts Press and media
28 November 2023

The challenge of reconciling the economy with ecology : Luc Doyen’s intervention in Le Monde’s podcast

Luc Doyen , member of CEE-M and research director at CNRS, is one of three guests on Le Monde’s podcast “La Fabrique du savoir“, written and hosted by Joséfa Lopez. […]

Press and media
11 January 2023

Interview of Sophie Thoyer on the new Common Agriculture Policy

Sophie Thoyer,  research professor at CEEM,  gave an interview (in French) on France Culture radio on 2 January regarding the new CAP which has come into force on 1 January 2023. […]

Press and media
17 October 2022

Marc Willinger, co-author of an article published in Le Monde

Marc Willinger, member of the CEE-M, is the co-author, along with five other researchers, of an article published on 17 October on the Le Monde website, entitled: “Public decision-makers must […]

Press and media
27 January 2022

Research at CEE-M in the spotlight

” How do you measure a concept as obscure as biodiversity? Indicators are one way to do so. But the economists Pierre Courtois (research professor at CEE-M), Charles Figuières, and […]

Press and media
3 June 2021

CEE-M members’ research work in the media

Invited by France Culture to take part in a special session of the “Le Temps du débat” radio programme entitled “Can the new CAP be greener?”, Sophie Thoyer explained how […]

Press and media
16 October 2020

CEE-M in the news

Two newspapers highlight research works by CEE-M members.   In a special issue of La Gazette de Montpellier dedicated to the risk of flooding in Montpellier and published this week, […]