Agricultural crisis : Interview of Sophie Thoyer on two French media

2 April 2024

Directrice de recherche au CEE-M en économie agricole, spécialiste de la PAC, Sophie Thoyer is Research Director in Agricultural Economics at the CEE-M and a specialist in the CAP. She was invited by RCF Radio and the BSmart channel to explain the causes of this winter’s agricultural crisis.

  • Reforming agriculture: a challenge for society as a whole“, 6 février 2024. Sophie Thoyer was a guest on the RCF Radio programme entitled “Je pense donc j’agis” (French-language Christian radio station).

Today’s challenge is to build a form of agriculture that provides farmers with a fair and dignified wage, while preserving the environment and the climate and producing healthy, high-quality food. And it is becoming increasingly clear that farmers alone will not be able to meet this challenge. Society as a whole is involved, and must invest in the necessary reform of the agri-food model. A programme presented by Anne Kerléo and Melchior Gormand.

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  • Agriculture and Europe“, 12 mars 2024. Sophie Thoyer était invité à l’émission “Smart impacts” sur la chaine B Smart

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