The challenge of reconciling the economy with ecology : Luc Doyen’s intervention in Le Monde’s podcast

28 November 2023

Luc Doyen , member of CEE-M and research director at CNRS, is one of three guests on Le Monde’s podcast “La Fabrique du savoir“, written and hosted by Joséfa Lopez.

  • “Reconciling the economy and ecology: an impossible challenge?” .

Economy and ecology may rhyme, but these disciplines do not cover the same realities, nor the same ambitions. It’s hard to reconcile consumption, free trade, competitiveness and the preservation of biodiversity, the reduction of greenhouse gases and the elimination of pesticides. Hence, can we continue to produce while protecting our planet? How can we do this, and at what level? This is the subject of the fifth and final part of “La fabrique du savoir” (season 3). This podcast from the newspaper Le Monde is produced in partnership with the Institut Balanitès, an NGO that promotes the work of scientists on the Great Green Wall in the Sahel.


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