Result dissemination of PollDiff Project

15 April 2021

Five CEE-M members were involved in the PollDiff project funded by the “région Occitanie”. The objective of this project was to study how to prevent the risks associated with nitrate and pesticide water pollution. Using Discrete Choice Experiments, CEE-M members assessed how innovative AES could enhance the adoption of environmentally-friendly practices.

Following a first survey in Charente Maritime, the team presented to stakeholders the results of a second survey focusing on herbicides and cover-crops in Occitanie on April 6th. This second survey results from a collaboration with FREDON-Occitanie. An overview of the result is available here:

“Innover pour renforcer l’attractivité des mesures Agro-environnementales : résultat d’une enquête menée par le CEE-M en 2020 auprès de 165 viticulteurs d’Occitanie”