Workshop 2020

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Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation: Theoretical and Empirical Issues’

The Annual Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation Workshop is an international two-day event organized by the CEE-M in the fall of the year.

The Workshop aims to foster interactions between researchers working on environmental and natural resource economics and gathers around 10 invited speakers using theoretical and empirical approaches.

Day 1 — Thursday, September 24

  • “Input efficiency, technology adoption and disadoption: An RCT on water management”, by Francisco Alpizar (Wageningen University)
  • “When nudges aren’t enough: Incentives and habit formation in public transport usage” by Christina Gravert (University of Copenhagen)
  • “Using visibility and social contagion to encourage adoption of non-normative behaviors: Evidence from a field experiment on renewable energy” by Alessandro Tavoni (University of Bologna)
  • “How nature navigates the efficiency trap” by Ruth DeFries – Keynote – (Columbia University)
  • “Progressive revenue recycling can alleviate poverty, reduce inequality, and improve wellbeing while avoiding dangerous climate change” by Stéphane Zuber (Paris School of Economics & CNRS)
  • “Health status at birth and early childhood capital: Evidence from the French ELFE respiratory conditions” by Emmanuelle Lavaine (CEE-M & University of Montpellier)

Day 2 — Friday, September 25

  • “Sustainability and human development”, by Marc Fleurbaey  – Keynote – (Paris School of Economics & CNRS)
  • “Do farmers follow the herd? Social norms and payments for environmental services ” by Sophie Thoyer (CEE-M & INRAE)
  • “Systemic risk, spatial models, and scientists ” by Elizabeth Robinson (University of Reading)
  • “Spatially explicit criterion for invasive species control ” by Pierre Courtois (CEE-M & INRAE)


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