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Latest news on the contributions of CEE-M’s members in the media or published in a format designed for a wide audience, in particular in the CEE-M Focus collection

The « CEE-M Focus » collection is designed to present to the general public CEE-M’s research results published in scientific journals. The contents of the Focus collection are presented in the form of a short article together with a video. They provide a quick overview of the issues at stake in the research carried out by the CEE-M. Since july 2023, articles published in CEE-M Focus are submitted to media The Conversation.

Articles of CEE-M members published in the media The Conversation. Some articles are also published in the « CEE-M FOCUS » collection, and are accompanied by a video interview with one of the authors.

The contributions of CEE-M members in the press and mainstream media.

Videos from the CEE-M Focus collection and other news on CEE-M activities.

Contributions from CEE-M members in podcasts.

CEE-M's scientific mediation actions.

8 results
The Conversation
The Conversation
15 March 2024

Article written by Simon Mathex in The Conversation: “Can we promote wood heating in the name of the environment?

Written by Simon Mathex  (PhD student at CEE-M), ar (doctorant au CEE-M), and published in The Conversation (french edition). This method of heating is viewed positevely (enjoys a good image): wood heating […]

Willinger TC
The Conversation
20 December 2023

In what ways practicing competitive sport can reduce gender inequality?

Article of Marc Willinger (CEE-M), is about scientific article co-authored with Dimitri Dubois (CEE-M, CNRS) and Sabrina Bravaccini, and published in the Journal of Sports Economics.

The Conversation
18 December 2023

« Miss France, a maths ambassador for girls? » a new article of CEE-M member published by The Conversation

Could a Miss France studying mathematics be a role model for young girls and encourage them to invest in a field of study that they are currently abandoning en masse? […]

Ibanez Conversation EN
The Conversation
12 June 2023

Does virtual exposure to nature influence pro-environmental behavior?

Focus article by Lisette Ibanez and Sébastien Roussel about the article "The impact of nature video exposure on pro-environmental behavior: An experimental investigation", published in PLoS ONE.

The Conversation
7 June 2023

Great Green Wall : a new article of CEE-M member published by The Conversation

A new article co-authored by Antoine Leblois (CEE-M) and Pauline Castaing (World Bank) has just been published in The Conversation website: The Great Green Wall, a bulwark against food insecurity? […]

The Conversation
21 March 2023

A new article of CEE-M member published by The Conversation

A new article co-authored by Antoine Leblois (member of the CEE-M), Philippe Delacote (BETA) and Giulia Vaglietti (BETA)  has just been published on The Conversation website : How droughts affect […]

Le Velly Conversation
The Conversation
30 September 2022

Carbon credits and avoided deforestation: real impact or risk of greenwashing?

Focus article by Gwenolé Le Velly, (CEE-M) , Philippe Delacote and Gabriela Simonet about their article "Revisiting the location bias and additionality of REDD + project".

The Conversation
13 January 2021

Two new articles of CEE-M members posted in The Conversation

The Conversation have posted two articles of CEE-M members : Mahenc, P. (2020). Le prix n’est pas forcément un signal de qualité des produits. The Conversation. Blayac, T., Ventelou, B., […]