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Research interests

  • Transportation Economics
  • Antitrust Issues and Policies
  • Analysis of Collective Desicion Making

BLAYAC Thierry

Professor Faculty


  • 2000
Office UFR Economie
Avenue Raymond Dugrand
34960 MONTPELLIER Cedex 2
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Perceptions of ecosystem services and bonds with nature: the case of fish-farming ponds in France

Rey-Valette HeleneSalles Jean-MichelBlayac Thierry
à paraître
Ecological Economics
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Contribution of perceptions to the acceptability of adaptation tools to sea level rise

Bazart Cécile,  Blayac Thierry,  Rey-Valette Helene
à paraître
Climate Policy
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Non-indigenous species and ecological degradations in Marinas: Perceptions and willingness to pay for improvements

Blayac ThierryCourtois Pierre, Sevaux Lucille, Rey-Valette Hélène, Page Anais, Lautrédou-Audouy NicoleSalles Jean-Michel, Viard Frédérique
Marine Policy
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A practical and pragmatic way to assess deeper motivations for ecosystems preservation in developing country -The case of Banc d'Arguin National Park (Mauritania)

Abdel Hamid Mohamed Lemine, Blayac ThierrySalles Jean-Michel, Failler Pierre, Rey-Valette Hélène
Environmental Development
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Stated preferences outperform elicited preferences for predicting reported compliance with Covid-19 prophylactic measures

Rafaï Ismaël, Blayac ThierryDubois DimitriDuchêne Sébastien, Nguyen-Van Phu, Ventelou Bruno, Willinger Marc
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics
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Focus CEE-M

Focus CEE-M
4 July 2023

What can be expected from mergers after deregulation? The case of the long-distance bus industry in France

Focus article by Thierry Blayac about the article « What can be expected from mergers after deregulation ? The case of the long-distance bus industry in France», published in Review of Industrial Organization.