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22 May 2023

In order to act on its carbon footprint, the CEE-M research centre has decided to carry out an environmental assessment of its activities.

This project is conducted jointly with the research laboratory MoISA, and will take place on both sites of the CEE-M (Richter/University of Montpellier and Institut Agro).

The data collection notably includes staff activities generating C02 emissions. CEE-M members will participate to a survey….

The data regarding CEE-M staff will then be analysed in terms of travel/purchases/flows/modes of transport.

To do so, the CEE-M will use the 1Point5 1.5 GHG  tool, designed by the1Point5 laboratory in order to support research organizations willing to carry out their carbon footprint. This tool has already been used by more than 700 research laboratories in France, including several located in Montpellier.

Once the carbon footprint is established, emission reduction targets will be defined together with an action plan to achieve them

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