Three post docs join the CEE-M

25 October 2023

Three new post-docs join the CEE-M in autumn 2023:

Simon Varaine : Simon obtained his PhD in political science in 2020, at Science Po Grenoble (UMR Pacte). He worked as research assistant from 2021 under the Poldem project : Democratic Policing project, funded by the French Human Rights Defender, and directed by Sebastian Roché. He joins the CEE-M as a post-doc in the GROUP project: In-group Favoritism in Intergroup Conflicts, funded by ANR, and directed by Guillaume Cheikbossian. His research focuses on political violence, inter-group conflict, political economy and quantitative and experimental methods. .

Miao Dai : Miao is an environmental economist. He obtained his PhD in 2023 from Mc Gill University (Canada), in which he studied two distinct market distortions: the presence of pressure groups in the international waste market as well as the presence of cross-ownership in the non-renewable resources sector. His current research focuses on the role of critical minerals and their recycling in the clean energy transition process. As a post-doc at CEE-M, Miao will be working with Francesco Ricci and Mouez Fohda to develop a unified model to characterize the value chain involved in recycling, identifying specific players and analyzing their behavior.

Ibai Martinez Macias : Ibai obtained his PhD in Economics at the Basque Country University under the supervision of Jaromír Kovářík and Luis Milleren in 2023. He’s specializing in behavioral sciences. His main research interests lie in the fields of behavioral economics and related topics, such as decision-making and social psychology. The post-doctoral research project, supervised by Sophie Thoyer and Douadia Bougherara, will be conducted as part of a wider program funded by the Digital Agriculture Convergence Lab and the French Technical Institute for Crops. It will involve experimental approaches to measure farmers’ preferences for different types and frameworks of information provided by the interface DST.