CEE-M new Phd students

10 November 2023

Six new PhD students join CEE-M and start their first year of thesis.

Alban Cornier

  • Supervision: Douadia Bougherara (CEE-M) and Sophie Thoyer (CEE-M).
  • .Thesis topic: Role of behavioral factors in the adoption and diffusion of digital innovations among farmers

Nahomy Gallo

  • Supervision: Julie Subervie (CEE-M) and Adélaïde Fadhuile (UMR GAEL)
  • Thesis topic: Public policies promoting alternatives to chemical pesticides

Mael Jammes

Richard Gilbert Nikiema

Violette Pinçon :

  • Supervision: Sebastien Duchêne (Montpellier Busines School) and Adrien Nguyen-Huu (CEE-M)
  • Thesis topic: Incentives for sustainable investment and delegation of investment decisions

Théo Savey