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Agricultural crisis : Interview of Sophie Thoyer on two French media

Directrice de recherche au CEE-M en économie agricole, spécialiste de la PAC, Sophie Thoyer is Research Director in Agricultural Economics at the CEE-M and a specialist in the CAP. She was invited by RCF Radio and the BSmart channel to explain the causes of this winter’s agricultural crisis. “Reforming agriculture: a challenge for society as a […]


A look back at the CEE-M’s participation in the “Fête de la Science

CEE-M members took part on the 7th , 8th  and 14th of October 2023 in the “Fête de la Science” in Montpellier and Dijon, organised this year on the theme of “Sports and Science”.The “Fête de la Science” is a national event organised each year by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research to […]


Le Monde published an article co-authored by CEE-M members

On Sunday 3 December 2023, Le Monde published an article co-authored by Dimitri Dubois (Research Engineer at the CNRS and member of the CEE-M) and Rustam Romaniuc (Professor at Montpellier Business School and associate researcher at the CEE-M): “There is no evidence of the impact of climate awareness training on behaviour“: “In an article published […]


Fête de la Science 2023: discover behavioral sciences with CEE-M

For the 2023 edition of the Fête de la Science in Montpellier le CEE-M will be hosting a stand, “Are you experienced?”, dedicated to behavioral economics. Moral dilemmas, nudges, moral compensation…., the CEE-M team will be on hand to introduce the general public to this branch of economics. In addition to explanatory posters, this stand […]


CEE-M takes part in the “Festival of Science 2023

In the framework of the annual national event “Fête de la Science”, the CEE-M will hold a stand entitled “Are You Experienced? Sport et Economie Comportementale“. It aims at providing an entertaining introduction to behavioral and experimental economics to the general public and the youth. With the help of posters and interactions with the public, […]

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