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Latest news on the contributions of CEE-M’s members in the media or published in a format designed for a wide audience, in particular in the CEE-M Focus collection

The « CEE-M Focus » collection is designed to present to the general public CEE-M’s research results published in scientific journals. The contents of the Focus collection are presented in the form of a short article together with a video. They provide a quick overview of the issues at stake in the research carried out by the CEE-M. Since july 2023, articles published in CEE-M Focus are submitted to media The Conversation.

Articles of CEE-M members published in the media The Conversation. Some articles are also published in the « CEE-M FOCUS » collection, and are accompanied by a video interview with one of the authors.

The contributions of CEE-M members in the press and mainstream media.

Videos from the CEE-M Focus collection and other news on CEE-M activities.

Contributions from CEE-M members in podcasts.

CEE-M's scientific mediation actions.

8 results
Focus CEE-M
20 December 2023

In what ways practicing competitive sport can reduce gender inequality?

Article of Marc Willinger (CEE-M), is about scientific article co-authored with Dimitri Dubois (CEE-M, CNRS) and Sabrina Bravaccini, and published in the Journal of Sports Economics.

Focus CEE-M
4 July 2023

What can be expected from mergers after deregulation? The case of the long-distance bus industry in France

Focus article by Thierry Blayac about the article « What can be expected from mergers after deregulation ? The case of the long-distance bus industry in France», published in Review of Industrial Organization.

Focus CEE-M
12 June 2023

Does virtual exposure to nature influence pro-environmental behavior?

Focus article by Lisette Ibanez and Sébastien Roussel about the article "The impact of nature video exposure on pro-environmental behavior: An experimental investigation", published in PLoS ONE.

Focus CEE-M
21 December 2022

What flat-rate aid for small French farms?

Focus article by Pauline Lécole, Raphaële Préget and Sophie Thoyer on their article "Designing an effective small farmers scheme in France", published in Ecological Economics.

Focus CEE-M
11 December 2022

Opening the way to trajectories of adaptation of coastal territories to sea level rise

Focus article by Hélène Rey-Valette about the article "Paving the way to coastal adaptation pathways: An interdisciplinary approach based on territorial archetypes", published in Environmental Science and Policy.

Focus CEE-M
30 September 2022

Carbon credits and avoided deforestation: real impact or risk of greenwashing?

Focus article by Gwenolé Le Velly, (CEE-M) , Philippe Delacote and Gabriela Simonet about their article "Revisiting the location bias and additionality of REDD + project".

Focus CEE-M
15 September 2022

High and rising economic costs of biological invasions worldwide

Focus article by Jean Michel Salles about the article “High and rising economic costs of biological invasions worldwide”.

Focus CEE-M
14 September 2022

Evaluating social well-being:

Brice Magdalou's Focus article on his article published in Journal of Economic Theory “A model of social welfare improving transfers”.