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Olfactory Cues of Naturally Occurring Systemic Inflammation: A Pilot Study of Seasonal Allergy

Tognetti Arnaud,  Saluja Supreet,  Lybert Nathalie,  Lasselin Julie,  Tamm Sandra,  Lensmar Catarina,  Karshikoff Bianka,  Cervenka Simon,  Lekander Mats,  Olsson Mats J
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Discriminating between sick and healthy faces based on early sickness cues: an exploratory analysis of sex differences

Tognetti Arnaud,  Thunell Evelina,  Zakrzewska Marta,  Olofsson Jonas,  Lekander Mats,  Axelsson John,  Olsson Mats J
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Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health
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Assessing sickness behavior in the French: Validation of the French translation of the sickness questionnaire (SicknessQ) in a non-clinical French population

Andreasson Anna,  Tognetti Arnaud,  Jones Mike,  Lekander Mats,  Lasselin Julie
Brain, Behavior & Immunity - Health
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The walking sick: Perception of experimental sickness from biological motion

Hansson Lina S, Lasselin Julie, Tognetti Arnaud, Axelsson J., Olsson M.J., Sundelin T., Lekander M.
Brain, Behavior, and Immunity
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Humans can detect axillary odor cues of an acute respiratory infection in others

Tognetti Arnaud,  Williams M. N.,  Lybert N.,  Lekander M.,  Axelsson J.,  Olsson M. J.
Evolution Medicine and Public Health
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