Contribution to the 23rd Agropolis International report

The CEE-M has contributed to the 23rd Agropolis International report, entitled “Complex systems from biology to territories” (June 2018 – 80 pages). This book presents training and research skills on “complex systems” in Occitania. Scientific coordination: Nicolas Arnaud (CNRS), Bertrand Jouve (CNRS), Jean-Pierre Müller (CIRAD). Access to the French version: The Agropolis International file collection “is […]


TYPOCLIM selected for funding by MUSE

The TYPOCLIM project (TYpology and assessment of POlicy instruments to promote agricultural adaptation to CLIMate change) has been selected for funding by the I-SITE MUSE. This collaborative and interdisciplinary project (coordinated by Marie Hrabanski, CIRAD) is focused on policy instruments to facilitate agricultural adaptation to climate change. It gathers together researchers from several research units […]


C4EAU Project

The region Occitanie has decided to fund the C4EAU project to promote the use of smart water meters in agriculture. This project, coordinated by Arnaud Reynaud (TSE-INRA) and led at CEE-M by Philippe Le Coënt, Raphaële Préget, Julie Subervie and Sophie Thoyer, will specifically focus on the use of nudges based on real time consumption data to […]